“The Board is to represent the co-operative and direct its operations, advance the cause of the co-operative and take care of its businesses, such as running businesses, accounting, finances, member listing etc…”

The Expa Board is selected for two-years by the general co-operative meeting. Read more about the board and the rules in the Expa Game Business Co-operative’s Rules

Members of the board 2019-2021

  • Tuomas Roininen, Chairman
  • Niko Pyrhönen, Vice Chairman
  • Tuukka Jaatinen, Treasurer
  • Tarmo Jussila, Secretary
  • Antti Natunen, Techincal representative
  • Jouni Kärkkäinen, Project funding representative
  • Kati Haapanen, Esport representative
  • Henri Kähkönen, Meetups communications representative
  • Jani Gröhn, Membership benefits representative
  • Timo Koski, Meetups PR representative
  • Tanja Välisalo, University of Jyväskylä contact representative

Debuty Members

  • Miikka Sipilä, Members communications
  • Lassi Haapanen, Translator
  • Jussi Perttola, Company personel representative



  • Suvi Liukkonen, Event producer