“The Board is to represent the co-operative and direct its operations, advance the cause of the co-operative and take care of its businesses, such as running businesses, accounting, finances, member listing etc…”

Members of the Board 2017 – 2019

Tuomas Roininen Chairman
Sasu Louke Vice Chairman
Timo Korhonen
Miikka Sipilä Secretary
Hanna Rautio Event Coordinator
Tuukka Jaatinen Treasurer
Jussi Perttola
Tarmo Jussila
Antti Natunen
Jouni Kärkkäinen
Kati Kärkkäinen

Deputy Members

Aron Elal
Markus Levander
Lassi Haapanen
Tanja Välisalo

The Expa Board is selected for two-years by the general co-operative meeting. Read more about the board and the rules in the Expa Game Business Co-operative’s Rules