Jyväskylä: Digi & Game Center

Game industry co-development ecosystem in the Heart of Finland

Expa is building a game industry center in Jyväskylä.
We gather the companies and organizations on the game industry in Central Finland in a co-working, co-development center to make synergy and scale the game industry to the next level!



We bring acceleration for the businesses. Investor events, public events and seminars – to boost the scalable businesses – global – for success!

Co-work Community

For game companies based in Central Finland.
We bring game companies to new premises, for working spaces under the same roof to support the strong community – for the ecosystem – for synergy!

Co-Business Opportunities

Investment opportunities – we collect the full potential on the game industry in Central Finland to a super-synergy package, ready for investment opportunities, working together as a born-global unit ready to scale!


Become a part of the project

Expa is looking for associates: companies and organizations to join building the game industry ecosystem with the local companies and organizations with a born-global growth mindset.

Jyväskylä: Digi & Game Center – Looking for partners one pager:


We are mapping the needs of the local game companies:

Game Companies in Jyväskylä, answer a survey below, answers before 17.11.2017

(The survey is in finnish*)

Feel free to contact us about the upcoming Jyväskylä Digi & Game Center!